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GS1 implementation makes master data as easy as 1, 2, 3

We are working with international standards organisations GS1 to streamline our data management, especially to onboard new suppliers in future. Its automatic data communication means that manual forms and duplicated data entry will be a thing of the past.

GS1 standards are the most widely used global standards for efficient business communication. Our internal processes have now been improved to the point where we’ll be able to start using the GS1 platform to onboard new suppliers this year. As part of the change, we now invite suppliers to submit master data and any subsequent changes and updates directly via GS1.

“We have a dedicated team consisting of our Centre of Excellence team and GS1 NZ to ensure we continuously improve the process to shorten the lead time for on-boarding and managing changes,” says Kitty Ling, Business Services and Analytics Manager at Countdown.

In the process, we’re working closely with GS1 Chief Operating Officer Richard Manaton, previously General Manager Strategy and Corporate Affairs at Countdown. GS1 is a not-for- profit organisation that is active in 112 countries, and services 1.5 million user companies.

“When a supplier buys a block of barcodes from GS1, in effect you subscribe to the global standards and become a member. When you comply to GS1 standards, your products can be transacted efficiently anywhere in the world or online,” says Richard.

“Having an agreed global data standard avoids duplicate data entry, makes compliance manageable with a single source of truth, with a robust global registry of product and location identifiers. When you enter information using GS1, your trading partner receives up to date verified data as and when you publish it.”

GS1 already has more than 33,000 products from 350 New Zealand suppliers in their national product catalogue (NPC).

“The data is there, and so Countdown will now leverage and grow this resource.” GS1 NZ has developed the ProductFlow service to capture all new products or product changes in the country.

When you have a new product or a changed product, send it to GS1 and we will complete a barcode verification to confirm that the GTIN is unique and physically works on pack. If you require an image, we’ll photograph the pack to Countdown’s specification. If you have a digital asset management account with GS1, we’ll load the image into our digital asset management system for Countdown to download. Lastly, we’ll check the data you have loaded into the NPC against the physical product for accuracy.

Suppliers who are already on the National Product Catalogue can simply select to publish to Countdown, and sign on to our ProductFlow system if they haven’t already.

Suppliers who are not on the GS1 NPC system already, can contact either Countdown or GS1 to find out how to join.