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Customers who shop at Countdown can choose to be a part of the Onecard programme, which aims to give regular customers bigger savings and better rewards for shopping for us.

Over 800,000 Onecard transactions are made each week, and account for over 80% of sales.  With such a high penetration of transactions and sales, the customer profile of a 'typical' Onecard customer is virtually the same as the customers profile for the Countdown brands.

The Onecard programme allows us to understand more about our customers: who they are, what they purchase, when and where they like to shop, and then use this information to provide a better service.

If you would like to promote your products to our Onecard customers, please contact one of the Partners Promotions team below:

Johanna Baikie
Head of Partner Promotions
+64 9 255 2301  

Tim Meyer
Senior Partner Promotions Specialist - Liquor, Produce, Perishables, Cooking & Baking, Breakfast & Snacking
+64 9 275 2680

Maree McKay
Partner Promotions Specialist – Health & Beauty, Cleaning, Laundry, Meat, Deli, Bakery
+64 9 275 2523

Victoria Foster
Partner Promotions Specialist – Beverages (Hot & Cold), Pet, Baby, General Merchandise, Paper, Seasonal, Confectionery
+64 9 255 2012

Media Rate Card

When it comes to getting your brand out there, nobody gets you closer.  With a Woolworths New Zealand Limited media package, you can target customers when it counts - right at the point of purchase.  As a Woolworths New Zealand Limited supplier, you can meet your marketing objectives with a portfolio of powerful marketing tools including Onecard campaigns, direct mail, direct email, in store radio, promotions, in store demonstrations, catalogue advertising and POS material.

For more information please call Johanna Baikie on 09 255 2301

Countdown Online Rate Card
has built New Zealand's largest customer base of online grocery shoppers.  

Our sites are proving increasingly popular with customers as they discover how easy it is to shop online. And now you can reach them while they shop.

Just as promotional activity in-store can influence shoppers' purchasing decisions; eye-catching banner ads can entice shoppers to buy your product online. Your banner ads can be linked through to your product for purchase or, directly to your product micro-site or website.

You can get your brand into the homes of our customers easily by online sampling. Insert product samples into our online shopping orders from 30c per sample. With refrigerated delivery, we make chilled and frozen sampling possible too.

It's a fact that online shoppers spend more per visit than in-store shoppers, so why not take this opportunity to get your products into their online baskets.

Our bundle rates make this very affordable.

Please download a full copy of the Online Rate Card here.

Suppliers Mailer Tag Guidelines

In the last 12 months supplier paid advertising in Woolworths New Zealand Limited mailers has increased substantially. Through the increase we've found a huge variety in the use and execution of the space, and at times there have been lengthy and costly discussions around the acceptability of the execution.

The guidelines (click here to download) have been created to aid suppliers in the sign off process. The guidelines outline the compulsory components and set up for panels and pages within the mailers. As long as you and/or your agency follow these guidelines the sign off of artwork shall be a smoother and cheaper process for both sides.

Every page of the Woolworths New Zealand Limited mailers goes through a vigorous internal sign off process including approval from senior members of the business. As such the compulsory components and guidelines outlined need to be followed to ensure your artwork avoids numerous rounds of changes to meet the business requirements.

If you have any further questions or would like to book mailer advertising please feel free to contact the Partner Promotions team.