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Supplier training programme launched

Our use of master data has taken another leap forward with the launch of our supplier training programme.

This follows improvements on master data systems that have seen us cut our internal lead time of loading NPD from an average of 12 working days to one day. At the same time, our vendor/supplier account set-up time has reduced from over 20 days to only five. “This year, we have two main areas of focus to make things easy for our team and suppliers,” says Kitty Ling, Business Services and Analytics Manager. “One is our supplier training and communications programmes, and the other is working more closely with standards organisation GS1 in the on-boarding process.”

Through these efforts, Countdown aim to improve the effectiveness and efficiency for our suppliers by making sure product on shelf has the right information, the correct global trade item number (GTIN) and product codes, accurate nutritional information and up to date product images.


Training programme

After piloting our new supplier training programme over the past three months, this has now been officially launched. It includes vital information on our master data processes, associated documents and the Countdown promotion system.

The training is available for anyone who manages master data communication with us or manages promotions. Any new members of your team that may not have full understanding how our systems work, are also welcome.

To make things easier, we have developed user guides and help-cards and revamped our supplier website and depository.

“We’ll be sending out invitations to all new suppliers or to those who require access to the promotional portal account,” says Kitty. “We’ll also use this opportunity to review all of our supplier promotional account access logins to re-validate them.”

If you would like to know how your team can be part of this training, please let your Category Manager know, or simply email