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Media Hub helps you drive sales


In September, we launched the Countdown Media Hub to replace our earlier partnership programme team. The new Media Hub is all about a new approach to connecting suppliers with our customers in a meaningful way to drive sales.

[Link to media-hub] “Through the Media Hub, suppliers can tap into Countdown’s customer database and all the various channels and contact points we have with people who might want to buy their products,” says Jacques Losken, Head of Marketing Operations.

Countdown’s channels include mailers, traditional media and digital platforms, all the way through to in-store displays where customers complete their journey with a purchase. The Media Hub also creates opportunities to communicate with targeted customer segments through direct mail, email and social media, driven by our Onecard database.

“We support everything from brand advertisements to competitions, promotions and new product launches in seamlessly integrated campaigns. The idea is to engage with customers about more than just price,” says Jacques.

“We now have suppliers, category managers and marketers working together in one team to help drive product sales through our nationwide store network,” says Jacques. To find out more about the Countdown Media Hub, please contact us at


The Media Hub by numbers

2.96 million in-store customer transactions

2.3 million active Onecard customers

1.4 million mailers delivered every week

845,000 email subscribers

550,000 website users per month

184 stores