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Change of Name to Woolworths New Zealand Limited

Dear Supplier

As you know we are part of Woolworths Group. As a valued supplier to us, we wanted to let you know that towards the end of June we will be changing our name from Progressive Enterprises Limited to Woolworths New Zealand Limited.

Our New Zealand business has over 18,000 team and hundreds of suppliers that provide goods to us, as well as Woolworths in Australia. The change of name is underpinned by the desire on both sides of the Tasman to further strengthen our collaboration and share each other’s best practices. It also clearly demonstrates our Woolworths Group purpose to ”create better experiences together”.

The change is in the Progressive name and brand only. There is no change to the Countdown, SuperValue or FreshChoice brands which are all proudly part of the fabric of our communities across the country.

If you have a current contract with Progressive Enterprises, that contract will remain in force according to its terms i.e you don’t need to sign a new contract to reflect the name change. Any future contracts with us (or renewal of existing contracts) will be in our new name.

What we need you to do please

Although our IRD, GST and company numbers are unchanged, to comply with IRD requirements, could we please ask that you update your systems to reflect this change. All future invoices and purchase orders that you previously addressed to Progressive Enterprises Limited, will now need to be addressed to Woolworths New Zealand Limited, with effect from 25 June 2018

Please note that from 1 September 2018, we may have to return invoices and purchase orders issued to Progressive Enterprises with a request that they be reissued using the correct name.

Importantly, if you currently issue invoices or purchase orders to us in the name of an entity other than Progressive Enterprises (e.g General Distributors Limited, Wholesale Distributors Limited, The Supply Chain Limited) then you don’t need to make any changes. The change of name of Progressive Enterprises does not affect the name of other companies in our group

in the coming weeks if there are further actions required, as we work through this change. If that is the case, we will give you plenty of notice and time to make those changes. 

If you have any queries, please contact your category manager, or email

Yours sincerely

Scott Davidson