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Responsible Retailing

Supplier Charter

Woolworths New Zealand Limited is committed to working with its suppliers fairly, honestly and transparently.  Good working relationships with suppliers are a fundamental part of what we do and how we operate.

The Supplier Charter outlines the principles of how we conduct our supplier relationships and puts down on paper what we consider to be best practice now and for the future.  Importantly it helps us frame the expectations we have of our own team, and of our suppliers as we do business together.

The Charter also talks to our commitment to be open, transparent and data-based in our buying decisions.It’s also really important to us that suppliers have a clear way to raise concerns, and the Supplier Charter puts in place a clear and articulated disputes process.

We’ve also consciously highlighted in the Charter how we work with small suppliers. 

We have a strong history in helping bringing new products to market, but we know that small suppliers are unfamiliar with our processes and need additional support.

Sitting alongside the Supplier Charter is our company Code of Conduct.  We are building a team who is passionate about retail, about our customers, and a team which does the right thing.  That means not only achieving results but thinking about how we get things done.  Being respectful, friendly and safe; and conducting business fairly, truthfully and honestly are key principles we stick by.

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Code of Conduct

Countdown employees are bound by the Woolworths Limited Code of Conduct. This has been developed to help our staff enhance the company’s reputation. It explains how our legal, moral and ethical standards can be achieved through our everyday behaviours and choices. The Code of Conduct and the expected behaviours extend to all employees, directors, contractors and consultants of the Woolworths Group.

Employees that are involved in buying need to do business fairly and ethically with suppliers by: 

  • obtaining the best value for money from all trade arrangements but never at the expense of acting ethically;
  • never accepting or demanding any form of inducement or bribe in return for business;
  • never placing undue pressure upon our suppliers;
  • never trying to influence competitor pricing or deals offered by suppliers to our competitors;
  • never being influenced by our suppliers to fix our retail prices;
  • regularly reviewing our trade partners’ contractual arrangements;
  • ensuring that our buying and procurement processes are transparent and in line with our Trade Practices Principles.

Responsible Retailing

Consumer health

To help our customers make informed buying decisions, all our private label brands include a Daily Intake Guide. A simple graphic shows the energy, fat, saturated fat, sugars and sodium content of that food package as a proportion of the recommended daily intake.

Responsible selling of beer and wine

When it comes to selling beer and wine, we go beyond regulatory requirements, applying our own strict standards. This includes requiring proof of identification for all customers who look under 25 years old. In addition, we never sell alcoholic products below cost.

Trading fairly

Our Code of Conduct outlines our voluntary commitment to fair dealings with our suppliers, while always seeking the best deal for our customers. We aim to deal fairly, act reasonably and negotiate fair outcomes with our partners and suppliers.

Responsible Sourcing 

At Countdown, we are committed to promoting better work practices in our supply chain.

While our operations and supply chains are complex, we want to ensure that human rights issues are understood, respected and upheld. Our Responsible Sourcing Program is anchored in our Responsible Sourcing Policy and Responsible Sourcing Standards, and described in our Responsible Sourcing Program Guidelines. We work with suppliers to improve their social practices and provide clear guidance to our buying staff. For more information on supplier requirements under this Program please see our Commercial Requirements.

Palm oil

Woolworths Group Limited is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), and all Woolworths and Countdown own brand products only use RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.