Commercial Requirements

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Responsible Sourcing Program

At Countdown, we are committed to promoting better work practices in our supply chain.

While our operations and supply chains are complex, we want to ensure that human rights issues are understood, respected and upheld. Our Responsible Sourcing Program is anchored in two key documents:


  1. The Responsible Sourcing Policy outlines our requirements (and also the law) regarding treatment of workers. This sets our expectation and applies to all suppliers, including our own brand, vendor brand, and service suppliers. Complying with this policy is a part of doing business with us.


  1. The Responsible Sourcing Standards apply only to our Own Brand and Exclusive Brand suppliers (including those in our fresh food supply chain) and specify the compliance and the management practices we expect to see in place on business integrity, labour rights, fair and safe working conditions and environmental compliance. These criteria are what may be included in a supplier audit. All in-scope suppliers and their sites must comply with the Standards as a condition of business. Compliance with the Standards is verified through our third party ‘Mutual Recognition’ audit process.


The Responsible Sourcing Program Supplier Guidelines apply only to our Own Brand and Exclusive Brand suppliers (including those in our fresh food supply chain) and describe our approach to Responsible Sourcing, including our risk assessment process and due diligence framework, how to demonstrate compliance with our Programme, our mutual recognition approach to supplier audits, when we may undertake unannounced or special audits, how we review audit results, and our position on subcontracting.

Follow this link for further information on Responsible Sourcing


Supplier Excellence Program (SEP)

Here at Countdown we are committed to working closely with our suppliers, to provide our customers with a fantastic range of products they can trust to be safe and have consistent quality for them and their family

The Supplier Excellence Program encompasses both food and consumer products supplied by local and international Trade Partners. It replaces the WQA program, which is a compliance requirement for suppliers under Woolworths’ Vendor Trading Terms (clause 3 of Part B, General Terms)

If you wish to become a Private Label Trade Partner and supply products to Countdown, you will need to comply with the Supplier Excellence Program. For more information please check out The FoodCo Portal