Commercial Requirements

Working together we will agree cost prices and negotiate terms and conditions of trade. This will include appropriate discount structures along with the promotional investment required to maximise demand for your products.


Countdown requires the accurate completion of a number of forms. This will ensure your product is set-up in our system correctly. A correctly set up product will be ordered correctly, received and despatched from our distribution centres correctly and scan correctly in our stores.

Following agreement, our Category Managers will request you complete the following:

New Local Vendor Submission Form (if you do not currently supply to Countdown)

New International Vendor Submission Form 

This form can be sent via email, however the following two documents must be sent via post.

1. An ORIGINAL COMPANY INVOICE that clearly states the company name, phone, fax and street address.
2. An ORIGINAL BANK DOCUMENT that clearly states the BSB, ACCOUNT NAME & ACCOUNT NUMBER (e.g. deposit slip, top half of a bank statement, or a signed and stamped letter from the bank).

New Article Summary Form - This form contains a summary of all the new products you are presenting for consideration. To present this form you will need to contact GS1 to obtain barcodes for your products and cartons.

Article Form - This form covers specific details about the product and carton dimensions.

Price Form - This form is used to communicate the price of new products. For existing lines, it is used to confirm an agreed change of price.


GS1 The simple way to provide accurate product & pricing content to our business

Countdown has partnered with GS1's ProductFlow to ensure our business receives high quality data and images for us to use instore, on shelf and online.

How ProductFlow works

         Click here for the GS1 website: Get Started

Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA)

All Countdown growers and suppliers of fresh food are working towards certification through the WQA program. The logo means the produce you are buying is fresh, safe and of high quality.

The WQA Standard encompasses both food and consumer products supplied by local and international Trade Partners.

If you wish to become a Private Label Trade Partner and supply products to Countdown, you will need to comply with the WQA Standard. For information and documentation please check out the Woolworths' WQA Site

The simple way to provide accurate product & pricing content to our business