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Packaging Specifications

NZ Packaging Specifications click here

Vendor Guidelines for Export document click here

All reference to AU standards are to be translated to NZ standards.

In order to effectively conduct supply chain operations with Woolworths New Zealand Limited (WWNZ), all Trade Partners should aim to:

  • Effectively receive and provide timely acknowledgement of Purchase Order information.
  • Supply Purchase Orders in full and on time - i.e. within the scheduled delivery window.
  • Supply ordered products to the correct packaging and barcode specifications.

1). Packaging:

a)      Visual reference guide for trade units/ additional packaging requirements click here
b)      Barcode requirements click here

2). Pallet Labelling:

a)      Pallet label specification document click here

Pallet label management

Woolworths New Zealand Limited operates a Pallet Transfer Model in all the Ambient and Temperature Controlled Distribution Centres.

WWNZ advises Chep of the pallets received from vendors, any transaction on WWNZ’s Chep account that is not requested by WWNZ will be reversed.

A transfer model provides several benefits:

  • Quicker turnaround time of trucks at our DC’s
  • Reduction in Truck queues at our DC’s
  • Consistent pallet management across the grocery industry
  • Vendors/carriers/3PL will have no need to physically manage pallets after delivery to WWNZ
  • Vendors with automated sites will no longer need to return pallets received from WWNZ
  • Trucks can continue onto other work without having to dehire or relocate empty pallets

Woolworths New Zealand Limited under this system will take responsibility for pallets and incur hire charges whilst holding them. The cost of processing the pallets has been assessed at 75c plus GST per pallet that is delivered to a WWNZ DC.   This is comparable to other transfer fees in place across the industry.  The transfer fees will be managed by Chep and will be added to your Chep account.

 Vendor’s Responsibility:

    • WWNZ will manage ALL transfer paperwork to and from the WWNZ account.
    • New Zealand Standard pallets not issued by an approved WWNZ provider will not be returned or exchanged.
    • Vendors must advise WWNZ of any changes to their Chep Account details
    • If no Chep Account details are received, this will result in pallets not being transferred off the Vendors (or their carriers/3PL) Chep account.


Pallets must be New Zealand Standard and by an approved WWNZ provider.

  • Pallets cannot be used if there are missing pallet boards and the dimensions of tunnel and runners are not to specification.
  • Any deterioration of quality in your pallets supplied may cause OH and S issues within our DC and may result in the rejection of your order and re-delivery at your cost.


Any queries regarding pallet transfer/control can be directed to the ULD Controller at each Distribution Centre or to the Countdown Logistics ULD Specialist based at the Auckland National Distribution Centre


Auckland National DC

09 275 2849

Auckland Regional DC

09 275 2086

Palmerston North Regional DC

09 255 3001

Christchurch Regional DC

09 255 3034

Versacold (Auckland)

09 968 3936

Versacold Palmerston North

06 356 8177

Versacold Christchurch

03 982 3190