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1) Distribution Centre Replenishment

Distribution Centre Replenishment is a department within Woolworths New Zealand Limited. The team is made up of people who replenish stock in the Distribution Centres. The Replenishers in this team are responsible for creating thousands of Purchase Orders for delivery across the nation every day.

The team works closely with Woolworths New Zealand Limited Trade Partners, Distribution Centres and the Business Teams to ensure the right stock is delivered to the Distribution Centres - and is available for stores to order.

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2) Inbound Service Level

What is the Inbound Service Level based on?
Inbound Service Level is based on the case-fill per line item - delivered 'on time'. It is measured against the original Purchase Order (PO) quantity per line item and the delivery date and time. The quantity delivered is divided by the original PO quantity and is expressed as a percentage. The Guaranteed Purchase Order Acknowledgement quantity provided is not used for Inbound Service Level calculations.

How is Inbound Service Level captured?
Woolworths New Zealand Limited will record the arrival time at the Distribution Centre gatehouse for all POs presented. If any POs are not presented via the gatehouse or intercom, these POs will record a 0% Inbound Service Level. If a queue exists outside the DC gatehouse or intercom, where safe and legal to do so, drivers are advised to approach the intercom or gatehouse to provide all PO details. When the PO is registered, this is the arrival time used for calculation of the Inbound Service Level.

What is case fill?
All quantities per line item delivered are divided by the original PO quantities per line item. The maximum % per line item for the case fill component is 100%. Over delivery of one line item will not compensate for short delivery of another line item.

What is 'on time'?

Woolworths New Zealand Limited requires the PO to be delivered up to 30 minutes early and up to 30 minutes after the time slot, i.e. a half hour window at the discretion of the DC and, with notification, deliveries up to half hour early will be considered as on time for Inbound Service Level calculations. Deliveries arriving earlier than 30mins before or more than 30 minutes after the scheduled time slot will be considered not on time. This will result in a 0% IBSL.

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