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1) Primary Freight and Benefits

Primary Freight is the management of transporting freight from our vendorfacilities to our Distribution Centres (DCs). This is managed by the Transport Management System (TMS).

There are many benefits of Primary Freight which includes integrated management of replenishment, reduced administration, simplified financial processing, reduced trucks at both the vendors sites and WWNZ sites, rigorous COR compliance and auditing and optimised order consolidation measured only by stock availability not on time delivery.


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Click here for link to: Primary Freight - General Conditions of Carriage 

2) Pallet Control Model

Woolworths New Zealand (WWNZ) currently follows a ‘Transfer Model’ for deliveries into the DC’s.

A transfer model provides several benefits:

  • Quicker turnaround time of trucks at our DCs
  • Truck queues at our DCs should reduce
  • Consistent pallet management across grocery industry
  • Vendors/carriers/3PL will have no need to physically manage pallets after delivery to WWNZ
  • Vendors/carriers/3PL will no longer be responsible for any poor quality pallets received from WWNZ
  • Vendors with automated sites will no longer need to return pallets received from WWNZ
  • Trucks can continue onto other work without having to dehire or relocate empty pallets

For full information click here

Any queries regarding pallet transfer/control can be directed to the ULD Specialist:

Anthony Vercoe
ULD Specialist – Auckland National Distribution Centre
Progressive Enterprises Ltd
09 275 2849


3) Freight Cost Recovery


Freight Cost Recovery (FCR) rebate is applicable when Woolworths New Zealand is transporting your products from the Auckland region to the Lower North Island region and/or the South Island region on your behalf.

You should have been informed by your Countdown Category Manager during the new product introduction process about the intent of this cost neutral recovery mechanism.  If you have any questions or wish to further discuss please feel free to contact our FCR Team.



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