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The forms are used by Woolworths New Zealand Limited (WWNZ) and Super Value/Fresh Choice (SVFC) for all products (except produce) to either introduce a new product or make product and price changes to an existing product.

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Forms Support:
Initial contact – Category Manager
Secondary contact – Business Services and Support Team (BSS)
o    Email:
o    Telephone: +61 2 8885 0536
o    Hours of Operation: 8:30am to 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

Tips for Successful Submission of the Forms

•    Communicate with your WWNZ and/or SVFC Category Manager before every submission.

New Lines:
•    Liaise with your Category Manager about when to send the WAF and WPF. The Category Manager needs to send the WNAS to BSS at a similar time to when the WAF and WPF are submitted.
•    When submitting the forms:
o    Submit the WAF first and wait for ‘Receipt of Form’ email confirmation.  
o    Submit the WPF and wait for ‘Receipt of Form’ email confirmation.
o    On the WPF, ensure you select the date of submission as Effective Date.
o    On the WAF, Effective Date is when the new line is available to order.

Cost Price Changes:
• All proposed cost changes are to be submitted to relevant Category Managers
• Proposed cost changes are to be discussed and approved by the relevant Category Manager
• The effective date of any cost changes will be six weeks from time of acceptance.
• Submit the WPF and wait for ‘Receipt of Form’ email confirmation


Woolworths SHE Contractors Handbook

The SHE Contractors handbook is provided by Woolworths Group Limited to ensure Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Suppliers are aware of Woolworths Safety, Health and Environmental requirements as a condition of working on our premises.  Safety is an integral part of all work conducted in our business.

As a prior condition to commencing any work on our sites, Contractors are required to read through the attached handbook to ensure an understanding of Woolworths' Safety, Health and Environmental requirements.

For a copy please download from the menu below.

Woolworths National Vendor Trading Terms Click Here

Standard Trading Terms between Woolworths Group Limited or Woolworth New Zealand Limited and vendors are agreed through a legally binding document. The type of legal document is determined based on the type of goods and/or services being supplied. Standard payment terms are 30 days nett end of month with EFT as the preferred payment type. Woolworths may vary these standard terms from time to time, depending on the agreement between the two parties.

Merchandise Packaged Goods Structure

For a copy of the above structure please contact Head Office.

Business Application Form

This form must be completed by any inventory vendor who wish to open an Accounts Receivable account with Woolworths New Zealand Limited  for any goods / services / marketing charges provided to them.  This new form provides authorisation for those charges incurred to be offset against the vendors Accounts Payable account.  This form is effective immediately and replaces the old application form.

For a copy of the above Business Application Form please download from the menu below.

Delivery Temperature Requirements

For a copy of the above requirements please download from the menu below.

Logistics Handling Specifications for all Packaged Goods

Please download the attachment from the menu below or speak with a member of the WWNZ Replenishment Team between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday on (09) 275 2788.

Forms and User Guides

Product Maintenance Forms One Page Help Card V3
Quick Reference Guide & Examples WNAS, WAF, WPF
New Vendor Form v1
Change to Vendor Details Form
Woolworths Change to Vendor Details Form User Guide v2
Woolworths SHE Contractors Handbook
Product Recall
PEL NZ Packaging Specification August 2010

Woolworths Packaging Sustainability Guidelines Final



SM FSL Questionnaire TEMPLATE
Product Maintenance Forms QRG V5.0
Business Application Form
Woolworths New Article Summary User Guide v3.1

Woolworths Produce Vendor Quote (PVQ) Form Reference Guide NZ v1.01

Produce Quote Form Template - Produce NZ

Woolworths Article Form (WAF) Reference Guide

Woolworths Article Form (WAF) v6.1

Woolworths New Article Summary (WNAS) User Guide

Woolworths New Article Summary (WNAS) v5.4

Woolworths Price Form (WPF) Reference Guide

Woolworths Price Form (WPF) v6.1