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Approved Suppliers Programme

Woolworths New Zealand Limited (WWNZ) has a Food Safety programme in place that manages the provision of safe food to our customers. This is a ground-breaking programme that is registered with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

The assurance of safe food practices throughout the supply chain is imperative, and to ensure this we require all perishable food suppliers to participate in our Approved Supplier Programme. Recognition as an approved supplier can be achieved in a number of ways:

  1. Current MAF registration as a Dairy, Meat or Seafood premises (eg, Export Packhouse, Approved Product Safety Programme, approved Risk Management Programme) for product range supplied to Woolworths New Zealand Limited (Woolworths New Zealand Limited).
  2. Current New Zealand Food Safety Authority approved Food Safety Programme (Exemption from the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974) for product range supplied to Woolworths New Zealand Limited.
  3. Current recognition under the VegFed programme for growers.
  4. Current PQIP status for product range supplied to Woolworths New Zealand Limited.
  5. Current recognition under internationally recognised programmes eg. SQF 2000 (at the discretion of Woolworths New Zealand Limited).
  6. Current AgriQuality Approved Supplier status for the product range supplied to Woolworths New Zealand Limited*.

We have engaged AsureQuality NZ Ltd to coordinate our approved supplier programme.

Note: AsureQuality maintain the approved supplier database on behalf of Woolworths New Zealand Limited, and provide a bi-monthly update to Woolworths New Zealand Limited. Companies who gain recognition in the programme via 1-5 above do not require to be assessed by AsureQuality - AsureQuality may contact these companies from time to time to ensure the database details are correct.

While this is a pre-requisite for supplying to Woolworths New Zealand Limited an Approved Supplier certification does not guarantee supply, as other considerations are also important.

If you would like to discuss the programme please contact Mark Bell, National Health and Food Safety Manager, on 09 255 2148 or

*What is the AsureQuality Food Safety Assessment?
AsureQuality NZ Ltd can be contracted to conduct a Food Safety Assessment on food manufacturers/distributors, against a Good Manufacturing Practice standard designed to emphasise food safety, quality and purity. The assessment is based on the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), and is an excellent entry level to the development and implementation of a Food Safety Programme.

How is the assessment carried out?
Under the programme AsureQuality conduct an assessment of the manufacturing and/or distribution premises. The assessment consists of an initial visit, preparation of a formal written report, and (if necessary) a follow up visit. An AsureQuality certificate is sent to you, the supplier on receiving approved supplier status.

What is the criteria for assessment?
Criteria for assessment of premises under the approved supplier programme are as follows:

1.0   General

.1    Scope
.2    Management Commitment
.3    Food Safety Programme Manual
.4    Internal audit and Review
.5    Corrective Action
.6    Customer Complaints
.7    Documentation and Record Keeping

2.0   People

.1   Authorities and Responsibilities
.2   Food Safety Programme / HACCP Knowledge
.3   Personal Hygiene Practices
.4   Personnel
.5   Tasks and Procedures

3.0   Process

.1 Raw Material and Ingredient Control
.2 Process Control
.3 Product Labelling
.4 Non-Conforming Product or Materials
.5 Shelf-life
.6 Identification and Traceability
.7 Packaging
.8 Storage
.9 Product Release
.10 Distribution
.11 Recall

4.0   Premises and Equipment

.1 External Environment control
.2 Internal Environment Control
.3 Cleaning and Sanitising
.4 Pest Management
.5 Waste Management Equipment

Is there a follow-up procedure?
Each supplier is assessed annually (or more frequently as required), and the certificate is renewed where appropriate. Note that if a supplier company changes ownership, or site address, a new assessment is required. Approved Supplier status may be removed by AsureQuality NZ Ltd if it is established that a company is not fulfilling the requirements of the assessment standard.

What will an AsureQuality assessment cost?
The average investment required for the annual assessment programme is approximately $800.00 plus GST. (This is obviously influenced by a number of factors, and is therefore a guide only). It is likely that for a distribution company the cost would be substantially less than for a manufacturing site. The supplier company bears the cost of the assessment.

The following components are included in the assessment price, these will be discussed with you by your AsureQuality assessor:

  • Administration and preparation prior to assessment
  • Travel time and mileage to premises (return)
  • Assessment time on site
  • Consultancy advice
  • Preparation of report
  • Review of written response to assessment report**
  • Preparation of framed certificate and status letter

** Should an on-site follow up assessment be required, this will be an additional cost.

If you wish to participate in the programme, please email the Approved Supplier Programme Co-ordinator at AsureQuality or contact AsureQuality as follows:

AsureQuality New Zealand Ltd
8 Pacific Rise
Mt Wellington

Private Bag 14946 Panmure

Phone: +64-9-573 8000
Fax: +64-9-573 8001