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WWNZ takes great care to fulfil obligations relating to paying Trade Partner invoices as they become payable - in accordance with your Trading Terms.

Payment Methods

All payments will be made via direct credit.
For existing Trade Partners to change your payment method to direct credit, please email WWNZ Merchandise  on:

Remittance Advice

Remittance Advice will be issued for each payment and should be used in the reconciliation of your vendor accounts. WWNZ considers it your responsibility to reconcile your accounts on a timely basis to ensure a quick resolution of queries.

If there are any questions relating to the reconciliation of your Remittance Advice, please contact the Transaction Processing Centre.

For more information on Remittance, please view the Remittance Advice Guide

Remittance Rebate and Settlement Discount

Off Remittance Rebates and Settlement Discount on purchases are negotiated with your WWNZ Category Manager. These are applied at the time of payment.

If there are any questions relating to the value/percentage of the rebates deducted, please contact your Category Manager.

Business Application Form 

This form must be completed by any inventory vendor who wish to open an Accounts Receivable account with Woolworths New Zealand Limited for any goods / services / marketing charges provided to them.  This new form provides authorisation for those charges incurred to be offset against the vendors Accounts Payable account.  This form is effective immediately and replaces the old application form.

For a copy of the above Business Application Form please click here

For further explanation of commonly applied New Zealand payment terms, please read Further explanation of commonly applied New Zealand