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Existing trade partners can submit either hardcopy or electronic invoices to WWNZ. Please see below requirements regarding each form of delivery. All new trade partners are required to send electronic invoices.

Electronic invoices

Woolworths has been actively working with vendors to expand the use of electronic trading (referred to as B2B)

Two methods available are:

  1. Webforms (web browser based application) and
  2. Electronic data Interchange (EDI)

Benefits of B2B

  • Matched line level records through the use of GTINS/TUNS - applies to EDI only
  • Secure electronic transmission of documents
  • Accuracy in data capture
  • Reduction in time taken to reconcile accounts
  • Reduction in time to review Statement of Adjustments (with line level matching of invoices)
  • Traceability of transaction documents
  • Increased security of key business information
  • Engaging in two way communication between vendors and WWNZ

For more information on B2B

Visit the website: B2B Edi Form

Contact our eBusiness team:
Phone:+61 (2) 8885 3100 (8:30am to 5:00pm AEST)

Hardcopy invoices

These must:

  • Include a Vendor 'Remit To' number.
  • Include a 'Deliver To' address and branch number for the WWNZ delivery site.
  • Be original and tax compliant.
  • Clearly show totals for the GST exclusive, GST payable and GST inclusive amounts.
  • Be set out by line item, and set out all details regarding pricing.
  • Comply with GST legislation and IRD rulings on tax invoices.
  • Be sent to WWNZ Head Office for processing

Note: An unpriced delivery docket must accompany goods or services when they are delivered to a WWNZ locat  Location (Supermarket or Warehouses)