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Join Egg Producer Programme

The Countdown Egg Producer Programme for Free Range and Barn is our commitment to increase the supply available for Countdown stores and our customers. We understand that making a commitment to increase production of these eggs requires investment and takes time. This programme allows farmers to invest in producing additional capacity, knowing that Countdown will commit to retailing the eggs in future.

Find out more about the programme and how to join here.


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Cost price changes must be discussed with the relevant Category Manager and acceptance confirmed before WPF forms are submitted. A six week implementation period is required between a WPF being submitted and the cost price becoming effective.

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Manage your promotional plan in our Promotions Portal. The Promotions Portal is designed to streamline the work you do with your Category Managers. The Promotions Portal generates a single source of information (the Calendar) for deals and promotions that are being negotiated, have been confirmed or are underway.










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